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Diamond Drops welcomes you. Diamonds are beautiful. They are honed to perfection deep within the earth. When refined and faceted , their beauty shines and sparkles.

Our team name reflects how passionate we are about the beauty and purity of Young Living Essential Oils. Our lives have been changed by them. The wellbeing products are equally awesome. We are passionate about helping people too. It inspired the creation of this website. In it we share our experiences and knowledge about the difference these products can make to peoples’ lives. We hope you will take time to dip in. Perhaps you too will be inspired.

My name is Maria Jones. I am the founder of Diamond Drops. In my ‘spare time’ I am a Zumba instructor. Animals, reading, spending time with friends and family – and Mathew, my really amazing husband – are my loves.

The oils came into my life through my work as an Intuitive Medium. Awestruck, I realised how powerful the vibrational energy was when I held the bottle in my hand. However, I neglected to take down the brand name. As a consequence, it took me five years to find them again. In the meantime I had learnt to live with chronic pain. A motor bike accident and several rear end collisions had left me with longstanding and painful problems with my neck. When another client applied Deep Relief essential oil to my neck I could not believe what happened. I was completely pain free. This led me on a journey of discovery that has changed my life. I wanted to know why Young Living oils are different. I wanted to know why they work the way they do. The more I learnt, the more I wanted to know. It became a passion. That was in August 2011. To my surprise I found myself starting to build a business based on these amazing products. My quest for learning continues to this day. And guess what? The more I learn, the more passionate I become about them. But that’s enough about me….

What about you?

  • Do you like to smell beautiful fragrances
  • Do you love essential oils
  • Are you keen to find chemical free nutrients and cleaning products
  • Maybe you too want to inspire and help others
  • Perhaps you would prefer to work from home or earn some extra income

If so, welcome. We would love to help you find your passion.
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